The collective imagination catalogs Down syndrome as a suffering for people affected by and for the parents, relatives and friends.

Well it is not thrue, people with Trisomy 21 are people like any other, they play, have fun, laugh, joke eat, drink, study, work and do everything that normal people do, in few words they live and try to live well their life.

Down Syndrome is a genetic anomaly, not a disease, it is not hereditary and does not directly cause specific sufferences.

It is caused by an extra chromosome in the 21st pair of chromosomes of the human body cells and the trio of chromosomes thus formed is called Trisomy 21, which is the scientific definition of the Down's Syndrome, that we will explain more widely in the specific articles.

From research and monitoring, seems that nothing of what you normally do, eat, and breathe, before or during pregnancy, can cause this anomaly, but simply happen accidentally during the conception.

We are not totally agree with this assertion because we are what we eat, drink, breathe and medicaments that we assume or inoculate, furthermorewe suffer great influence from the environment in which we live or attend assiduously, to think that nothing can influence us and cause this anomaly seems very unlikely.

In any case the Down's Syndrome is a very democratic genetic anomaly because make no distinction of sex, religion, nationality, race or social class, in few words, it can happen to anybody of the human race and anywhere in the world.

Mature women have more probability to conceive a child with Down's Syndrome, but most of these births happen to young women that just because are young people, do not expect this kind of event.

When this event happens, the mothers will remain highly impressed and frightened, and most of the time, the whole family, live the event dramatically.

Fortunately there is nothing dramatic in a person with Trisomy 21, simply it requires a greater commitment and responsability from parents and relatives who manage them.