Researches on trisomy 21 are practically started in the mid-twentieth century with the researches on the karyotype or rather the chromosomal analysis.
With the resurces of mid twentieth century we come to perceive a lot about trisomy, but not enough to resolve it, because even if we could read the chromosome conformation, it was still far from being able to interpret the human genome.

In any case since the defect is in the separation mechanism of the egg cell, the contribution of the chromosomal analysis was really poor for to improve knowledge on the trisomy.
The researches were then oriented to identify in advance whether the developing fetus could be a carrier of genetic abnormalities.
In fact, the actual methodologies and analyses, are able to provide the indication of the presence of one or more genetic abnormalities in the developing fetus with an accuracy close to the 100%.
The fact that we can identify the presence of genetic abnormalities in a developing fetus is still a palliative, because the fetus is already formed, and already suffering from genetic abnormalities, this means that research should move in the previous stage of the fetus generation.
But research on the real cause of trisomy, in the previous stage of the fetus generation, is minimal or not existent.
Some experts of human genome interpretation, think that understanding the human genome functioning they could be able to find a solution to solve even trisomy 21.
Others experts that are working on cell separation mechanisms and cell replication, which is the real cause of trisomy generation, are practically inexistent because they not have sufficient funds to focus heavily on this research.
The financial returns on a search of this type are very uncertain and the big pharmaceutical companies that ultimately are the real biological research financers, do not like to risk their financial resources without return, despite having billionary annual profits.
In reality no one can now imagine what would be the economic returns from this type of research.
Surely when understood the separation mechanism of the egg cell, could be possible to found the solutions that ensure that these mechanisms happen correctly, these solutions are practically medicins and are profitable.
We hope that a vision in this context of multinational drug companies, bring them to consider of to invest financially in this type of researches.