We should like to take the liberty of submitting to your attention the articles and the radio/television programs that deal with the schooling of Special Children, among them those who suffer from trisomy 21 or Down syndrome (the material has been sorted out so as to avoid false alarms and groundless hopes).

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Current ones

This program aired on 26 February 2015on Rete Tre as part of Baobab Ora Buca. You will find the segment featuring DECS director Emanuele Berger (which concerns the admission of special children to normal schools) at 13.38.

It is not clear when the experiments kick/kicked off, given the fact that Mr Berger mentions 2016 as the starting point and said year is part of both the 2015-2016 and the 2016-2017 school years; moreover, the reference to the inclusion of all special children in normal schools around the year 2020 is rather vague since 2025 is not distant from 2020. Here is the link to the program:

26.02.2015 - Inclusione: la diversità come ricchezza (minuto 13:38) (Inclusion: Diversity as richness)

02.2014- Il viaggio verso l'inclusione (The journey towards inclusion)

02.2014 - Dall'integrazione scolastica alla scuola inclusiva (From school integration to the inclusive school)

02.2014 - Il modello Inclusivo tra passato e futuro. (The inclusive model, past and future)

Older ones