The purposes of the Association is to bring together people with trisomy 21 (more commonly known as Down's Syndrome), their relatives, their friends and legal entities or institutions to put together individual experiences for a mutual help.
In particular, the Association aims to:

  1. Contribute to develop the human personality of people with Trisomy 21 in all its forms and to remove obstacles that prevent the implementation of the principles of freedom, equality, equal dignity, equal opportunities, promoting the right to health, social protection, education, culture, training, employment and the enhancement of skills and personal abilities.
  2. To be a point of reference for information on specific problems of Trisomy 21 and possible technological, medical, educational, professional solutions to improve the quality of life of people affected by the Down's Syndrome and their relatives.
  3. Ensure better information to the relatives, the public and the authorities on the problems inherent to the social integration of people with this genetic anomaly.
  4. Promote opportunities for social and professional training of persons affected by the Down's Syndrome, as well as training of staff that assume commitments to these people.
  5. Promote collaboration between the various components of society interested in the problem of Trisomy 21 which by way of example but not limited to the family, schools, operators and social institutions and health authorities.
  6. Promote the development and implementation of social solidarity projects, including the implementation of socio educational and cultural initiatives.
  7. Promote and as far as possible to finance scientific research pre and post birth on Trisomy 21.