The President is appointed by the Members Assembly and hold office for four years except resignation, and may be re-elected.
The first appointment is ratified in the constitutive assembly verbal.
The President has the legal representation of the Association towards third parties and chairs the meetings of the Steering Board and of the Members Assembly.
The President takes all the measures in the interest of the Association, in case of urgency can also takes the measures that fall within the competence of the Steering Committee and is obliged to report the same at the next Steering Board.
The President has the powers of ordinary management of the Association and can be delegated by the Steering Board to any powers that may also be of extraordinary administration.
In particular the responsibility of the President:


  1. Prepare the general outline of the medium term and annual activities program of the Association.

  2. Draft the annual report on the activities of the Association.

  3. Supervise on the facilities and services of the Association.

  4. Determine the organizational criteria that ensure efficiency, effectiveness, functionality and timely identification of opportunities and needs for the Association and the Associates.

  5. Enact internal regulations of the organs and structures of the Association.

The President finds, establishes and chair operational, technical and scientific committee, by determining the duration, mode of operation, goals and compensation.
For cases of unavailability or of absence or any other impediment of the President, he is replaced by the Vice President.