Everything starts on 17.08.2008 in Zurich with the birth of our son Nathan, he is affected by the genetic anomaly of Trisomy 21 alias Down's Syndrome and of a serious heart malformation called Fallot's Tetralogy.
Ten days after birth devoid of oxygenation due to cardiac malformation, Nathan has undergone a first open heart surgery operation for implantation of a shunt capable of feeding of blood the lungs and then increase oxygenation.
The shunt function was give enough oxygen to the baby so that he could live at least 6 months after wich undergo to another surgical operation in order to correct the Fallot's Tetralogy.
In December 2008 infact Nathan undergoes to the second open heart surgery, with the heart completly stopped for about 2 hours, connected to the heart lung machine, in order to survive during surgery and to allow repairs inside the heart.
In the post-surgery phase, a nurses team who took care to assist parents of operated children, had prepared a complete documentation on Invalidity Insurance, refund trip expenses, and whatever was necessary to help us to assist our son during his convalescence and then his growth.
As for Trisomy 21 the nurse was sad to inform us that when we would be back in Tessin we would be alone since we would not find organizations able to provide support on the genetic anomaly of wich our son was suffering.
It was on that occasion that was born the first idea to found an association that could provide this type of support to the families that would receive a child affected by the Down's Syndrome.
Then the post-operative, a couple of catheterisms to install two stents on the rigtht pulmonary artery and many difficulties to grow up our son, have brought us until today.
Once stabilized, the health and quality of life of our son, we have now spaces and times to dedicate to this idea that was born in the far 2008.
Therefore the association was founded on 05.05.2015 on promotion of its founders members:


  1. Mrs. Roberta Bonesio,

  2. Mr. Great Councilor Franco Denti MD,

  3. Mrs. Antonella Gaglio Veronesi MD,

  4. Mr. Salvatore Gaglio Esq.,

  5. Mrs. Cristina Giordano,

  6. Mr. Arch. Luca Giordano,

  7. Mr. Franco Locatelli,

  8. Mrs. Rosa Locatelli,

  9. Mr. Angelo Petralli,

  10. Mr. Enea Petrini Esq.,

  11. Mr. Stefano Piazza,

  12. Mrs. Tatiana Piazza,

  13. Mrs. Great Councilor Amanda Rückert,

  14. Mr. Giancarlo Veronesi,


During the Constituent Assembly were elected the following Officers:


  1. The President Mrs. Antonella Gaglio MD.

  2. The Vice-President Mrs Gran Councillor Amanda Rückert.

  3. The Secretary Mr. Giancarlo Veronesi.

For more details on the composition of the Association Boards and Officers see the specific items that are only accessible to members.