Members in Office

This are the current Board members:

  1. The President Mrs. Antonella Gaglio M.D.
  2. The Vicepresident Mrs. Amanda Rücker
  3. The Secretary Mr. Giancarlo Veronesi
  4. Mrs. Roberta Bonesio
  5. Mr. Franco Denti M.D.
  6. Arch. Luca Giordano
  7. Mr. Franco Locatelli
  8. Mrs. Rosamalia Locatelli
  9. Mr. Angelo Petralli
  10. Mr. Stefano Piazza - Pubblic Relations
  11. Mrs. Tatiana Piazza

The Treasurer is an external Accountant.


This is only part of the features listed into the Statute.

The Assembly elects the Steering Committee, determining from time to time the number of members.
The Steering Committee is composed of a number of members not less than three and not more than twelve, including the President who is directly elected by the Assembly.
The Steering Committee shall appoint from among its members the Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.
The members of the Board shall hold office for four years and may be reappointed.
The Steering Committee has the task of to implementi the general directives established by the Assembly, and any initiative to promote achievement of the social aims.
The Steering Committee is also responsible for:

  1. Take all necessary measures for the ordinary and extraordinary administration;

  2. Treat the organization and the functioning of the Association.

  3. Establish the agenda and convoke the Assembly.

  4. Treat the possible recruitment of employees.

  5. Prepare the budget of the association, and then submit it to Assembly for approval.

  6. Establish the annual fees paid by members.

  7. Delegate to one or more members of the committee to carry out certain tasks.

  8. Delegate working groups to study specific problems.

  9. Decisions on disputes between Social Organs and/or members of the Association.

The Steering Committee shall meet at the invitation of the President whenever it demonstrates the opportunity, or when requested in writing by at least two members of the Committee.

 Resolutions are passed by majority vote; in the event of a tie, prevails the vote of the President.