If you have any doubts that need clarification concerning your child suffering from trisomy 21 and have decided to look for support beyond your pediatrician of choice, all you have to do is call us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

You can likewise call us if you are an adult suffering from Down syndrome who has health issues and is looking for an opinion other than the one of your doctor of choice.

Unfortunately, we do not know who you are or where you are and, therefore, it is you who must get in touch with us.

In order to call us, you don’t necessarily need to be associated, so feel free to get in touch with us according to your needs (please do so within reasonable hours).

The simplest way of getting in touch with us is by calling +41 77 496.73.47. A physician will reply or, if someone else does, he or she will have a physician call you back.

If calling makes you feel too exposed, you can send us an email by using our website’s Contact us function (move on to the Medical support function).

If you don’t wish to use either the telephone or email, you can always access our Forum and see if there are any postings that resemble yours and that may help you get clear on your personal issues.

The subjects on our Forum are not many at present because we have just initiated our activities, but you can enter a subject yourself and a moderator will evaluate it and decide whether or not to authorize its publication.

 If you want to post something without exposing yourself, send your message using the Contact us function on our website’s main menu, moving on to the Medical support function, specifying that you wish to remain anonymous and your message will be published by our administrators.

This is the medical support we are able to provide at present, but we intend to open an office specializing in the medical aspects (pediatric or otherwise) that concern persons who suffer from Down syndrome.