About the ethics of prenatal screening people have spent a lot of words on all fronts: social, religious, scientific and human.
Each faction has its own interpretation: science does not want limits, religion wants to limit all that is not accidental, the society is in favour or against depending on costs and financial returns, humanists invoke an "Ethics" behavior, which it is a mix of all the above.
In the middle of this chaos of ideologies the prenatal screening give his safe result nearly the 100%, then the responsibility shifts to the parents, that according to their feelings of the moment they decide to allow the fetus to be born or not and in this second case to schedule the abortion.
However, the real problem, is the couple availability to accept or not a person with a genetic anomaly with all its limitations and commitment that it require.
These limits are interpreted in the collective immagination, as a suffering and a lower quality of life, as well as an increased commitment to grow and manage these people.
We will not take a position on this topic otherwise we would become a further faction with its own interpretation.
But we want to point out that in reality, these people love life and know how to enjoy it, perhaps more than the normal person, because know their limits and not exceed them constantly accumulating stress, like normal people do.
The actual level of the medicine and social assistance, help them greatly in their problems, raising then their quality of life and also the duration of their lives.
They are kind-hearted, sociable, many of them have considerable qualities that lead them to want to be independent, to have a job, to have a family, with all the responsibilities that these choices imply.
Ethically speaking they can live a life worthy to be lived.