The Assembly regularly constituted represents the totality of the members and its resolutions taken in compliance with the law and this statute obliges all members.
The Assembly is the highest deliberative organ of the Association and may be convened in ordinary and extraordinary sessions.
In particular the Assembly, is responsible for:


  1. Appoint every four years the President and the Steering Committee.

  2. Ratify the amount of annual membreship fee established by the Steering Committee.

  3. To approve the final budget, the budget and the program of activities drawn up by the Steering Committee.

  4. Approve amendments to the Statute of the Association.

  5. To decide on the possible dissolution of the Association and decide on the allocation of any funds of the Association.

  6. Decide on the possible membership to national and / or international associations.

The members in good standing with the payment of membershpi fee are entitled to intervene at the Assembly.
They may be represented by another member by written proxy.
Each member is entitled to one vote.
The resolutions of the Assembly are taken by majority of votes, whatever the number of participants with their physical presence or by proxy.
In counting the majority of votes are not taken into account the abstentions.
The Assembly is chaired by the President or in his absence by the Vice-President or, in his absence, by a member of the Steering Committee designated by the Assembly.
The Assembly Secretary functions are performed by the Secretary of the Association or in his absence by a person appointed by the Assembly.
The minutes of the Assembly will be prepared by the Secretary and signed by the President and the Secretary.
The decisions taken by the Assembly, both ordinary and extraordinary, engage all members, those in agreement as those in disagreement.