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Congratulations! You are in any case Welcome, we welcome you with a warm thanks to exist and to be arrived to us.

If you are casually visiting our site, could be an opportunity to enter into this world unknown to the most of the people

If you are deliberately visiting our site, means that you become aware of the problems of people with Trisomy 21, also known as Down's Syndrome and are looking for contacts and/or confirmations.

In any case, you will find us at your disposal to deal with any subject, inherent in this genetic anomaly.

We are committed in this responsible way for support the persons affected by the Down's Syndrome and their relatives, at different stages of life: birth, growth, adolescence, development, adult, and at various stages of cognitive growth and responsibility: the schooling, the job training, the work placement, the independent life and if possible their own family.

As you can guess from the topics covered in our site, the problems afflicting these people and their families are many, furthermore their social exclusion is still very evident and start from the kindergarten age and goes up to the world of work, extending to an indipendent life and eventually to starting a family.

The objectives are of considerable importance and it is our intention to pursue a constant pressure on all social organs and through all possible ways to get to include fully in society these people.

The social orientation of our Association, allows anyone interested in the problems of this genetic anomaly to access all the topics discussed in our site and participate with questions and/or answers to the discussion forums on the various topics related to Trisomy 21, while in medical forum will only ask questions, the answers will then be given by the doctor.

Becoming a membre of the Association you can browse the internal pages of the site, where is stored the documentation of the management activities of the Association and you can also receive invitations to our members events.

But above all if you become member of our organization you can increase our financial and representation strength and if you feel it, you can also participate in the realization of our projects.

We renew our welcome and we hope that you want to be an active part of this association.

Thanks again for your visit.